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Building and Installing CppUnit on Cygwin[edit]

GNU Radio uses CppUnit for testing. Although users are not required to run the tests, the installation procedure requires that the code for testing be available.

Note: If you installed cppunit 1.9.14-1 using Cygwin setup, you should uninstall it (using Cygwin setup) before building cppunit 1.12.0.

(1) Download cppunit-1.12.0.tar.gz from https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=11795 to /usr/src (i.e., C:\cygwin\usr\src on a default Cygwin installation). Unpack with

$ cd /usr/src
$ tar zxf cppunit-1.12.0.tar.gz

(2) If your gcc is older than 3.4.4-2: Download the patch file cppunit_dll_string.patch from [attachment:#56:cppunit_dll_string.patch] (using the "Original Format" link at the bottom of the page) to /usr/src. Apply the patch with

$ cd /usr/src/cppunit-1.12.0
$ patch -p0 -i ../cppunit_dll_string.patch
$ aclocal -I config
$ autoconf

If your gcc-core and gcc-g++ are version 3.4.4-2 or newer (cygcheck -c gcc-g++) you can skip this step.

(3) Build and install with:

$ ./configure
$ make
$ make check
$ make install

CppUnit is installed under /usr/local/* by default.


  • you can use a directory other than /usr/src if you prefer
  • to install CppUnit somewhere other than /usr/local use the --prefix= option on ./configure (but be sure that GNU Radio's ./configure can find it)
  • make check fails in cppunittestmain on Cygwin when compiled with versions of gcc older than 3.4.4-2, but CppUnit seems to work ok with GNU Radio
  • if you are really lazy you can use the cppunit 1.9.14-1 package installed by setup; make check of GNU Radio will fail, but who really needs testing anyway?
  • for more information on CppUnit see http://cppunit.sourceforge.net/cppunit-wiki