GNU Radio 3.10 OOT Module Porting Guide

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The major changes in the (in-progress) GNU Radio 3.10 release that will impact OOTs are:

  • C++ modernization (C++17)

Porting Guide[edit]

Versioning Your shared object files[edit]

You may want to edit the /lib/CMakeList.txt file in order to set a version. The default VERSION_PATCH is set to git, you may want to edit it to 0 for your first version. Then when you need to push out a modified version remember to edit the version numbers before building. If you leave the VERSION_PATCH at git the install directory may eventually become littered with old files and soft links.


C++ Modernization[edit]

API Changes[edit]

Removal of Decimation Parameter from FIR objects[edit]

There was previously a decimation value in the constructor of a kernel::fir_xxx object that has now been removed