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First EU Hackfest May 2014

The first official EU hackfest was held at KIT, in the rooms of the IIIT (many thanks to Nico Otterbach and his colleagues for providing the facilities!).

TSB modifications

  • Martin Braun: Research on moving the packet indicator tag to the end
  • multiply_matrix_ff


  • From our off-site hackfest in Aachen: Johannes et al


  • Moritz, Manu, Marcus and Felix

Multi-FSK modulator and demodulator for robust PLC

  • Damian, Jesus, Vlad, Nico and Oliver

GSoC Projects

  • gr-benchmark: Marcus
  • gr-radar: Stefan
    • Wrote unittests for FSK and CW simulators
    • Started with synchronized USRP sink/source
  • gr-trellis: Jan
    • Wrote a unittest for siso_f producing posti
    • Wrote scripts to use with gr-benchmark for viterbi_s, metrics_c and metrics_f, and siso_f (producing posti)


TX seems to work


  • Sylvain
    • Fix bugs in the frequency axis
    • Add zoom support
    • Preliminary support for CPU OpenCL implementation (with no cl/gl interop requirement)


  • Andre
    • Receiver for TI CC11xx-based devices
    • PHY working quite good, filters settings could be optimized
    • Preamble+sync word detection working, de-whitener working, CRC not tested yet

Photos of the Event

First Day:
DSC 0002.JPG
Moritz, Nico, Jesus and Attila

DSC 0005.JPG
Damian, Vlad, Martin,Matt and Marcus

DSC 0007.JPG

DSC 0008.JPG
Videoconference with the guys in Aachen

Second Day:
DSC 0010.JPG

DSC 0012.JPG
Sylvain (tnt), Moritz, Dimitri, Jan and Stefan

DSC 0014.JPG
Andre and Bastian

Third Day:

DSC 0025.JPG

DSC 0031.JPG

Concluding the hackfest with a nice barbecue

DSC 0036.JPG

DSC 0042.JPG

DSC 0049.JPG