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GNU Radio Organization

A list of the main roles involved with GNU Radio. This is not a list of all of the developers and contributors to the code.

  • Maintainer, Project Leader: Tom Rondeau
  • Co-Maintainer, Release Manager: Johnathan Corgan

Organization Coordinators

  • Community Organizer: Martin Braun
  • Bug Tracker Organizer: Johnathan Corgan (acting, need volunteer)
  • Industry Relations: John Malsbury

Project Working Groups

  • Community Development and User Experience: Martin Braun
  • GNU Radio Companion Roadmap: Sebastian Koslowski
  • Embedded Systems: Philip Balister
  • Co-Processor Acceleration Support: Doug Geiger
  • VOLK Acceleration Library: Nathan West
  • Coverity Scan Manager: Philip Balister

Source Code Sub-maintainers

  • GNU Radio Companion: Sebastian Koslowski
  • gr-uhd: Martin Braun

Downstream Packaging

  • Debian Packaging: A. Maitland Bottoms
  • Embedded ARM Packaging: Philip Balister
  • MacOS Packaging: Michael Dickens