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"Recycle Bin": content we no longer link to that we may eventually just delete[edit]

QT GUI Block Docs Status[edit]

These 3.9 GUI Widgets do not have doc pages:

  • App Background
  • Az-El Plot
  • Compass
  • Dial
  • Dial Gauge
  • Digital Number Control
  • Distance Radar
  • Fast Auto-Correlator Sink
  • Graphic Item
  • Graphic Overlay Sample Source
  • LED Indicator
  • Level Gauge
  • Msg CheckBox
  • Msg Push Button
  • Toggle Button
  • Toggle Switch

Notes from GRCon20 Docs breakout[edit]

  • document msg ports
  • we need a list of blocks without params or example flowgraphs
  • "How can I know which blocks to assemble to do X application"
  • "I want to do X processing, Is there a block already that does it, and if so, what's its name?"

Notes from GRCon20 HamRadio breakout[edit]

  • I mean, I guess, if this is as wildly popular as it looks right now, there's probably a critical mass for just saying something like "Vote for next month's meetup(s) topic" and then have someone give a short intro / slides / talk /RTTY transmission and then making this an awesome series
  • So, my proposal: Barry Duggan will push out a news entry on the homepage as soon as a kickoff seems feasible :) I'll help as good I can
  • start a Ham Radio wiki page
    • poor SSB always gets the short shrift.  ;-)
    • list of starter RF components for HF
    • It would be way cool to demonstrate bad signals in simulation, so that we can recognize them when we see them on air, and not be the ones doing bad things on the air ourselves.