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Work in progress for release 3.7.5[edit]

This is a list of some of the planned new feature sets for release 3.7.5. This is not comprehensive; other features or changes could happen opportunistically and some of the below might not make the release.

By component[edit]


  • Extend gr-zeromq blocks to include async message transports in and out of ZeroMQ sockets (JC)
  • Tunnel stream tags through ZeroMQ streaming blocks (JC)


  • Close the gap between QT and WX blocks
    • Mostly done
  • Convert all examples to use QT instead of WX
    • Also mostly done
  • Persistence of plotters
    • Debatable if this is really necessary or useful for these plotters, especially since the plots don't actually plot every sample.
      • Rely on things like gr-fosphor for purposes that need behavior like persistence
  • Sidebar control
    • Provide an (optional) sidebar to control the main plotting features
  • Strip chart for time plot for updating when plotting slow data


  • Add <hide> tags to ports in the xml file for a block
    • Use to control which and when blocks' ports are seen on the canvas
    • We can set them off by default and use a setting in the block properties to turn them on/off
  • User-toggled parameter to show or hide the names of ports
    • Ports appear as small rectangles of their type color, but with no label
    • when mousing over a port, the port expands to show the full name
    • connecting arrows are adjusted with the width of the box nicely
    • User-controlled feature; "View->Auto-hide Port Lable" to turn feature on/off

New Component(s)[edit]


  • Create new top-level component gr-dtv (JC)
  • Port gr-atsc code over into lib/atsc (JC)
  • Merge Bogdan Diaconescu's gr-dvbt into lib/dvbt (JC)
  • Merge (undecided) DVB-S code into lib/dvbs (JC)
  • Merge (undecided) CATV code into lib/catv (JC)
  • Extract common MPEG code into lib/mpeg (JC)
  • Implement common, format-selectable transceiver application (JC)

General Improvements[edit]

Message Passing

  • Messaging as many things as possible for control
    • 3.7.4 saw some additions of various message interfaces for a few blocks, and we had to work out proper interactions between them all. We should add more message port controls to blocks that we can identify as having a big impact on usage and come to a general understanding of message formats for certain controls to make sure they are generic and usable for many blocks, not just between two specifically designed to talk to each other.
  • Think about how to add back-pressure on messages


  • Add more VOLK kernels
  • Use VOLK kernels in more blocks
  • Add better NEON support
    • More hand-written NEON proto-kernels
    • NEON intrinsics are not necessarily great, need to use assembly to properly optimize
      • NEON inline ASM in C is terrible; need to have separate .s files
      • We want to add support in the build system to have NEON asm files built into VOLK and used in proto-kernels
  • Add a new build type to help us understand compiler optimization and assembly code
    • Add a "NoOptWithASM" build type that uses the flags "-O0 -g -save-temps"
    • for GCC and Clang, this produces code with debug symbols, no compiler optimization, and all assembly files saved in the build dir
    • Need a good location in our cmake structure to add new build types
  • Add Nathan's performance counter work from last hackfest
    • Adds perf tool calls to Performance Counters such as cache hits/misses, branch prediction misses
    • Adds ability to select which PC to show in gr-perf-monitorx and tooltip for all PCs when hovering over a block