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Receive messages on ZMQ SUB socket and source stream.

This block will connect to a ZMQ PUB socket, then produce all incoming messages as streaming output.


(R): Run-time adjustable

ZMQ socket address specifier. The format of the address is tcp://*:port where * should be for localhost.
Note: If the Source and Sink blocks are on two different computers on the same LAN, then the IP and port number of the Sink block must be specified on each end of that connection. For example, if the Sink is on IP and the Source is on IP, both Source and Sink blocks must specify the Sink IP and port (
Receive timeout in milliseconds, default is 100ms.
Pass Tags
Whether source will look for and deserialize tags.
Hign Watermark
High Watermark to configure the socket to (-1 => zmq's default)

Example Flowgraph[edit]

This is a flowgraph of an Amplitude Modulation receiver. The signal from the transmitter section is received by the ZMQ SUB Source. It is a 48khz carrier with a sample rate of 768khz. For complete details, see Simulation_example:_AM_transmitter_and_receiver#AM_receiver.

AM receive fg.png

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