Backing Up Wiki

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According to this there are three different things you want to backup:

  • Database dump, e.g. mysqldump -h hostname -u userid -p --default-character-set=whatever dbname > backup.sql
  • Create .tar of file system, which contains images and local config settings, e.g. tar zcvhf wikidata.tgz /srv/www/htdocs/wiki
  • XML dump, contains content of wiki, technically a subset of the information in the database backup but it's good to have in case the database backup becomes unusable due to version issues or whatnot. See instructions below:
<SSH into server that runs the wiki>
sudo docker exec -it mediawiki_mediawiki_1 /bin/bash
cd maintenance
php dumpBackup.php --full > /tmp/dump.xml
docker cp mediawiki_mediawiki_1:/tmp/dump.xml /tmp/dump.xml
<now copy it somewhere safe>