Backing Up Wiki

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According to this there are three different things you want to backup:

  1. Database dump, e.g. mysqldump -h hostname -u userid -p --default-character-set=whatever dbname > backup.sql
  2. Create .tar of file system, which contains images and local config settings, e.g. tar zcvhf wikidata.tgz /srv/www/htdocs/wiki
  3. XML dump, contains content of wiki, technically a subset of the information in the database backup but it's good to have in case the database backup becomes unusable due to version issues or whatnot
    1. SSH into server that runs the wiki
    2. sudo docker exec -it mediawiki_mediawiki_1 /bin/bash
    3. cd maintenance
    4. php dumpBackup.php --full > /tmp/dump.xml
    5. exit
    6. docker cp mediawiki_mediawiki_1:/tmp/dump.xml /tmp/dump.xml
    7. now copy it somewhere safe =)