Band Pass Filter

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This filter is a convenience wrapper for an Decimating FIR Filter and a firdes taps generating function of band-pass type, i.e. calling firdes.band_pass() or firdes.complex_band_pass().


(R): Run-time adjustable

FIR Type (R)
Specify whether input/output is real or complex, and if the taps are real or complex.
Decimation rate of filter, must be an integer, and cannot change in realtime.
Gain (R)
Scaling factor applied to output.
Sample Rate (R)
Input sample rate.
Low Cutoff Freq (R)
Lower cutoff frequency in Hz
High Cutoff Freq (R)
Upper cutoff frequency in Hz
Transition Width (R)
Transition width between stop-band and pass-band in Hz
Window (R)
Type of window to use
Beta (R)
The beta paramater only applies to the Kaiser window.

Example Flowgraph

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