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Project Call August 2019


GRCon 2019

  • About a month away!
  • 16-20 September, in Huntsville, AL (USA)
  • Schedule is packed
  • 3 keynotes: Travis Goodspeed, Mark Shuttleworth, Robert Suggs, Mark Spencer
  • Workshops: ADI on IIO, Ettus Research on RFNoC, Intro to GNU Radio, Co-channel awareness and mitigation
  • There are still tickets! Prices go up before September 1st, so buy your tix now!
  • There will be no project call in September

Release 3.8

  • It's finally happened!
  • 3.7 will not die, but it's limited to important bug fixes
  • master branch will become 3.9
  • 3.8 has its own maint-3.8 branch
  • Important updates:
    • Python 3 support!
    • Modern Qt
    • CMake overhauled
    • Clang-format applied
      • OOTs will still work
      • Code fixes to master/maint-3.8 will need to be reformatted if they're not yet merged
      • Our .clang-format is in the tree, and you can use it!

GRC Documentation

  • Marc L and Notou have been working hard on page-per-block documentation for GR Blocks
    • Please help us add to the documentation!


  • GR Folks will be at the CCCamp!
  • We will apply for a FOSDEM devroom again (Free Software Radio)
  • We are experimenting with the idea of office hours, still fleshing out the details, but the gist of it is that we want to provide a way to connect experienced SDR developers with newcomers