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Code Stuff[edit]

  • Josh M. introduces himself as master-branch maintainer
  • Jeff L. introduces himself as maint-branch maintainer
  • We're still figuring out release cadences
  • Upcoming goals:
    • About every 6 months we want to release from master branch (around GRCon and FOSDEM)
    • Put packaging code in-tree, so we can keep our Launchpad and COPR better in-sync. Packaging will become more automated.
    • 3.10 will have some exciting new features:
      • gr-pdu: Burst-based processing
      • gr-iio: Getting close to merging. Thanks to Adam Horden for picking this up and putting it in shape for master. You can now run Pluto with vanilla GR!
      • gr-soapy: Soapy support. Thanks to Jeff L!
    • We want to remove log4cpp, preferably to be replaced by spdlog.
    • PMT replacement: pmt
    • Check out our GREPs:
    • Check out our project dashboards:


  • GNU Radio 4.0 Runtime Scheduler Group
  • March 25th is the next session, around 1 PM Eastern
  • Discussion on ability to deploy blocks to different domains (GPU, GPP for example)
  • Join our #scheduler channel if you're interested (


  • Next HAM Radio meetup: Saturday, Mar 20th
    Amateur Radio group meeting
   **20 March 2021 16:00 UTC**
   Subject: Ground Station Test Transceiver
   Presenter: Ray Roberge WA1CYB
   See the details at
   No registration required.
    Remember that Daylight Saving Time has started in the U.S.