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ChangeSets: API and Code Changes between Versions[edit]

Versions are of the form MAJOR.API.MINOR.PATCH.

  • Major versions are saved for huge changes to the entire project's operation and are very rare.
  • The API version determines the codes Application Programmable Interface. During an API version, we guarantee that the API will not change. Updating minor versions will still have the same API within these version series. The 'master' branch of our git repo tracks the API version.
  • The Minor version number is where we make updates and develop new features. There will be additions to the API but no changes to the existing API. The 'maint-x.y' branch of our git repo tracks the Minor version.
  • The Patch version (assumed 0 if not specified) is reserved for bug fixes and does not add any new features.

Starting with v3.7.9 release tarballs are digitally signed with a GPG key

Changelogs prior to and including were combined into a single page during the migration to MediaWiki: