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''This content is a Work In Progress''

== Version Numbering ==
GNU Radio follows the Semantic Versioning [https://semver.org specification]. Version numbers are of the form
API.MINOR.PATCH. These numbers communicate to external developers, packagers and users what level of change to expect when using a new version.
Quick summary:
* API version changes mean that developers and/or users may need to make modifications to their code/project.
* MINOR version changes indicate new functionality, but maintain backward compatibility.
* PATCH version changes result in no externally visible changes (except bug fixes).
== For 3.8 ==
GNU Radio previously used a four-number A.B.C.D system. A.B represented API (A has not changed for many years). D has not been incremented from
0 in 3.8. Version is equivalent to (3.8).2.0.
In development versions (the next API), APIs and functionality may change at any time. Users of these versions are typically developers
who accept this risk in order to take advantage of new functionality.
== Maintenance Releases ==
The current and previous MAJOR releases will be maintained by the GNU Radio project. This does not preclude updates to previous versions.

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