Constellation Modulator

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Hierarchical block for RRC-filtered differential generic modulation. The input is a byte stream (unsigned char) and the output is the complex modulated signal at baseband.


determines the modulation type, provide a Constellation Object here.
Samples per Symbol
samples per baud >= 2 (int)
Differential Encoding
whether to use differential encoding (boolean)
Excess BW
Root-raised cosine (RRC) filter excess bandwidth (float)
Print information about modulator? (boolean)
Log modulation data to files? (boolean)

Example Flowgraph[edit]

This flowgraph modulates random bits with 8-PSK. A QT GUI Constellation Sink is specifically not added to the output because it would show the signal while there is still multiple samples per symbol.

Constellation modulator ex.png

Constellation modulator ex2.png

Source Files[edit]

Block definition