Constellation Modulator

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Hierarchical block for RRC-filtered differential generic modulation. The input is a byte stream (unsigned char) and the output is the complex modulated signal at baseband.


determines the modulation type, provide a Constellation Object here.
Samples per Symbol
samples per baud >= 2 (int)
Differential Encoding
whether to use differential encoding (boolean)
Excess BW
Root-raised cosine (RRC) filter excess bandwidth (float)
Print information about modulator? (boolean)
Log modulation data to files? (boolean)

Example Flowgraph[edit]

This flowgraph modulates random bits with 8-PSK. A QT GUI Constellation Sink is specifically not added to the output because it would show the signal while there is still multiple samples per symbol.

Constellation modulator ex.png

Constellation modulator ex2.png