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Developer Committee

The Developer Committee is the officially designated group of people that represent the project to the Free Software Foundation. This page will be used to document votes made by this committee.

23 Jan 2019


The four of you plus myself currently make up the "Developer Committee Members" for GNU Radio at the FSF. For obvious reasons, I want to get this updated. Per the contract, (quoted below by John Sullivan) this must be done by majority vote.

I would like for the Developer Committee Members to be me, Martin, and Marcus. So, my proposal for vote is:

1. Remove Tom Rondeau, Johnathan Corgan, Philip Balister as committee members. 2. Add Marcus Mueller as a committee member.

Voted: Ben Hilburn: Aye Martin Braun: Aye Johnathan Corgan: Aye Philip Balister: Aye

Tom Rondeau: <no vote>