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Developers Calls

The developers calls are designed as a monthly way of keeping in touch with the GNU Radio development community. They are meant to discuss current and future works, problems that need to be addressed, and issues related to upcoming releases and other events.

Calls are scheduled for every third Thursday of the month, usually at 1800 GMT. Check out our G+ group, where we usually also announce our calls.

Call Information

We do calls using Google Hangout, on our [[|Google+ Group]] Make sure to install the hangout plugin.

Calls are always managed through IRC. If you want to join, also join #gnuradio.

The call is usually announced long before the call. So click 'Join', then you will get your own button to join the hangout.

If you just want to listen in, there will be a stream of the call available. In this case, please don't join the call, because there is a limit of users.

We use [[|MeetBot]] (Fleischautomat) to help us with the minutes. Don't be shy, use the MeetBot commands (#info, #agreed, #link) generously.

Call Logs and Agendas

{{collapse(Calls in 2016)


{{collapse(Calls in 2015)


{{collapse(Calls in 2014)


{{collapse(Calls in 2013)


{{collapse(Calls in 2012)


{{collapse(Calls in 2011)


Other Info

SIP calls

- IRC channel #gnuradio on freenode
- SIP contact:

The SIP bridge ties into the IRC channel where people can control the action a bit. When you first sign on, associate your IRC nick with your SIP info, which is the last two (or three if there are enough people/connections) numbers in your SIP name. For instance, I call in and am already in the chat room, so I can do this because my IRC nick is 'trondeau':

Tom (SIP/ has joined the conference.
voip-gr: 62 is trondeau

Now I can send commands to 'trondeau' directly. The 'voip-gr' is a chatbot that ties into the SIP call. You can give the chatbot a few commands, including voip-gr: help, and you will get a private chat going with the list of commands.

We use the IRC chat room to exchange information and keep track of the minutes of the call. After each call, I will post the IRC logs here.

Sed Expression for Replacing IP Addresses

This is a regex for replacing IP addresses. Used with 'sed' for replacing all IP addresses in the IRC logs with "".