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Source Download instructions


The latest stable release, as well as older stable releases, of GNU Radio can be found here:

or here

Also, check the news (in the box at the right) for announcements on the latest stable releases.

Signing keys are available with the Github releases. Also see ReleaseKey.


If you prefer the latest development code, wish to contribute to GNU Radio, or want to work with features that haven't yet made it into the stable branch, you can check out the source from the git repository:

$ git clone

Later, to update your local repository you can run:

$ git pull

The following branches are under development:

  • master (future 3.10)
  • maint-3.9
  • maint-3.8.

By default, the master branch will be checked out. To switch to a different branch:

git checkout <branch>


The major GNU Radio projects are also mirrored at