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Generalized FM demodulation block with deemphasis and audio filtering. This block demodulates a band-limited, complex down-converted FM channel into the the original baseband signal, optionally applying deemphasis. Low pass filtering is done on the resultant signal. It produces an output float stream in the range of [-1.0, +1.0].


Channel Rate
Incoming sample rate of the FM baseband (integer)
Audio Decimation
Maximum FM deviation (default = 5000) (float)
Input to output decimation rate (integer)
Audio Pass
Audio low pass filter passband frequency (float)
Audio Stop
Audio low pass filter stop frequency (float)
Gain applied to audio output (default = 1.0) (float)
Deemphasis time constant (default = 75e-6), specify tau=0.0 to prevent deemphasis (float)

Example Flowgraph

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