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FOSDEM '20 -- Call for Participation

FOSDEM 2020 (the free and open-source developer's meeting in Brussels, Europe) will, once again, feature a track on Software Defined Radio, and any other radio-related topics in the (now known as) Free Software Radio devroom.

Therefore, we invite developers and users from the free software radio community to join us for this track and present your talks or demos.

Software Radio has become an important tool to allow anyone to access the EM spectrum. Using free software radio libraries and applications and cheap hardware, anyone can now start hacking on wireless communications, remote sensing, radar, fun hacks of all sorts, or other applications. At FOSDEM, we hope to network all these projects and improve collaboration, bring new ideas forward and get more people involved.

All presentations will be filmed and streamed. Presenting at FOSDEM implies giving permission to be recorded. The recordings will be published under the same license as all FOSDEM content (CC-BY). Exceptions can be made for exceptional circumstances but we would like there to be as few as possible.

We are looking for volunteers to help with the A/V setup (make video recordings etc.). Prior experience helps, but is not required. If you're interested, please contact us.

Submit your presentations

To suggest a talk, go to and follow the instructions. You need to create an 'Event', make sure it's in the Free Software Radio track! Lengths aren't fixed, but give a realistic estimate and please don't exceed 30 minutes unless you have something special planned (in that case, contact one of us).

You aren't limited to slide presentations, of course. Be creative. However, FOSDEM is an open-source conference, therefore we ask you to stay clear of marketing presentations. Of course, we like nitty-gritty technical stuff.

Suggested Topics:

  • SDR implementation related
  • Wireless telecoms
  • Cool stuff you built with SDR
  • Ham Radio related topics (even if not directly pertaining to radios, e.g., satellite tracking)
  • Wireless Security

Important Dates

FOSDEM is February 1st and 2nd, 2020. The Free Software Radio devroom is happening on Sunday, the 2nd of February.

The submission deadline is Friday, December 6th. A complete schedule for the presentations in the devroom will be available on the 15th of December.

Final Schedule


Steering Committee

The track committee consists of:

  • Philip Balister
  • Sylvain Munaut
  • Derek Kozel
  • Nicolas Cuervo
  • Martin Braun (Emeritus)

General FOSDEM check list

(put the person who brings these items in () after item, reset to (?) after conference)

  • presenter/pointer (?)
  • multiple-outlet extension cord for table (?)
  • multiple-outlet extension cords for seats (?)
  • mini-DP->(HDMI||VGA) adapter (?)
  • USB-C adapter (?)