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Periodically probe a function and set its value to this variable. To poll a stream for a level, use this with the Probe Signal block.

Polling interval is relative to the computer clock. Where the flowgraph is running faster or slower than real time (e.g., no throttle or SDR), the computer clock will not correspond to the simulated time implied by the sample stream.


(R): Run-time adjustable

Block ID
ID of another block in this flow graph. An empty Block ID references the flow graph itself.
Function Name
Name of a class method of the block labeled in Block ID.
Function Args
Parameters passed into the function specified under Function Name. For a function with no arguments, leave function args blank. When passing a string for the function arguments, quote the string literal: '"arg"'. The values will used literally, and generated into the following form:
or, if the Block ID is empty,
Poll Rate
in Hz.
Initial Value (R)
Initial value of function

Example Flowgraph[edit]

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