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GNU Radio Educators Breakout Session - GRCon 2018[edit]

Friday, September 21, 2018: 9am - noon PDT (noon - 3pm EDT, 4pm - 7pm UTC).

The plan is to make the whole three hours available through Google Hangouts, still need to work out the logistics

Proposed Agenda[edit]

  • Educational Projects (9:00 - 10:00).
    • 10 minute "lightning" talks describing projects people are involved with.
    • 1. HI Horn Antennas (radio astronomy, Richard Prestage)
    • 2. ...
    • 3. ...
    • I (Richrd Prestage) could also present Small Loop Antennas, if we need more...
  • Role and Mission of GNU Radio Educators Group (10:00 -11:00)
    • See more below
  • Do we need a coffee break?
  • How can we collaborate? (11:00 - noon)
    • See more below

Thoughts on the Role and Mission of GNU Radio Educators[edit]

Add your thoughts here...

Thoughts on how we can better collaborate[edit]

Add your thoughts here...


If you are comfortable, please add your attendance plans, and perhaps some background information below. Might help others prepare.

In Person[edit]


  • Ellie White (white728 _at_ Physics / electrical engineering student at Marshall University. Also involved in Open Source Radio Telescopes.