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* Bastian Bloessl
* Bastian Bloessl
=== Runtime Benchmarks ===
To facilitate development of a more modern GNU Radio runtime and scheduler, we need a tool to measure its performance (in terms of delay and throughput).
This data is required to compare alternate approaches and to become aware of performance regressions early in the process.
The goal of the project is to provide a tool to benchmark the GNU Radio runtime. Since we are interested in the performance on many platforms and architectures, it should provide an option to submit performance data to our sever, allowing us to crowdsource data. (Similar to our [http://stats.gnuradio.org/ online stats] for SIMD performance.)
* Come up with interesting metrics and, if needed, implement blocks to extract them.
* Come up with interesting flowgraph topologies that should be benchmarked.
* Setup automated experiments that iterate over a given parameter space (repetitions, number of samples, size of the flowgraph).
* Parse, evaluate, and visualize the data.
* Add an option to upload the performance data to our web sever.
* C++ programming
* Data evaluation and visualization
* Automation tools (like GNU Make to run benchmarks)
* Bastian Bloessl, Marcus Mueller

=== Filter Design Tool Enhancements ===
=== Filter Design Tool Enhancements ===

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