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Similar to the GSoC Ideas page, this is a list of things we could potentially ask for grant money to accomplish, or even just volunteers who want something specific to dive into:

Documentation Related

Doxygen Cleanup

We recently moved all usage-style docs to the wiki, including the one-page-per-block docs, and it's been going great, but one problem is that the Doxygen still contains the block usage docs that we used as a starting point for the wiki, and I (Marc) think we should strip all of that out of the Doxygen and only leave stuff that is developer-centric, like useful for anyone looking at (or modifying) the code. Now one question that would need to be answered is how deep we go with the list of params for each block, like do we just list the params with no description in Doxygen and refer to the wiki page for the block? We want to avoid information living in two places.

More Tutorials!

Barry has been rocking it with the tutorials but we can always use more, or have more advanced ones cleaned up

Filling out Block Docs

There are still plenty of blocks without proper documentation, whether that's the description of each param, or examples, although one problem is we dont all have expert knowledge about every block, so there might need to be some reaching out to experts to try to data mine info that can be put into the docs. People tend to be more willing to write an email explaining how some block or param works, if it means they dont have to actually write the docs themselves.

Training Materials Related (Not including tutorials in our docs)