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Open Source Radio Telescopes Electronics Kits

Build a neutral hydrogen radio telescope! Make your own map of the Milky Way! or detect sudden ionospheric disturbances by monitoring submarine communication signals!

The Open Source Radio Telescopes is a new education program which aims to inspire students (learners) of all ages and backgrounds to pursue their STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) interests by providing them hands-on opportunities to construct and observe with simple radio telescopes. OSRT makes open source software, instructions, and curricula available online at

At the GNU Radio Conference 2018 GNU Radio Educators Breakout Session, we will be giving away free HI Horn Antenna Electronics Kits. This is a $300 value, but more importantly includes the most sensitive (we think) room temperature Low Noise Amplifier available, which you cannot get anywhere else. The kit will have complete instructions, and is everything you need to make a complete radio telescope, apart from the general hardware (available from any hardware store) and a computer to run the GNU Radio software.

In addition, we will have ten Small Loop Antenna kits available. These are even simpler to build, and you can use them to detect Sudden Ionospheric Disturbances by monitoring their impact on ELF submarine communication signals.