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Breakthrough Listen Hackfest at the Allen Telescope Array

Schedule: https://openresearch.institute/breakthrough-listen-2019/


  1. Andrej Rode (noc0lour)
  2. Philip Balister (Crofton)
  3. Derek Kozel (dkozel)
  4. @oshtim
  5. Ben Hilburn (bhilburn)
  6. Nathan West (nwest)
  7. Michelle Thompson (abraxas3d)
  8. Tom Rondeau (trondeau)

Topics of Interest

Philip: 3.8 fixes (especially for embedded), GQRX for 3.8.

Ben: Everything SigMF


Ben: Arrives at SFO mid-morning on Monday, will be driving to the ATA. Have seats in the vehicle - please let me know if you need a ride!


  • Derek: Needs ride north on Monday. Pickup from Vallejo or Fairfield (directly along the way from SF/Bay Area)
  • Philip: Arrives Monday in Sacramento at 1120. Has cancellable car rental.


  • Derek: Needs a ride to the South Bay/San Francisco on Friday
  • Philip: Interested in Lassen hike. Ride depends on arrival plan :)