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Breakthrough Listen Hackfest at the Allen Telescope Array

Schedule: https://openresearch.institute/breakthrough-listen-2019/


SigMF Specification Design

Description: We spent the majority of the hackfest working on the design of SigMF, both discussing current issues / gaps and working through new features and the direction of the effort. Major accomplishments include:

  • A plan for using JSON-LD to link data, provide schema crosswalks, and define machine-parseable extension namespaces.
  • The design of a top-level metafile that can be used to describe multi-sensor experiments, while still maintaining the independence of each recording.
  • The design of a path to describe the capture hardware for a recording and the experimental setup for a multi-sensor data corpus.
  • Numerous other bug fixes and "small" but important details of the specification.

Location: Work is occurring in the SigMF Github repository, and will continue there: https://github.com/gnuradio/SigMF

People: Daina Bouquin, Katie Frey, Ben Hilburn, Tom Rondeau, Karen Rucker