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Breakthrough Listen Hackfest at the Allen Telescope Array

Schedule, Wiki, Repo


SigMF Specification Design

Description: We spent the majority of the hackfest working on the design of SigMF, both discussing current issues / gaps and working through new features and the direction of the effort. Major accomplishments include:

  • A plan for using JSON-LD to link data, provide schema crosswalks, and define machine-parseable extension namespaces.
  • The design of a top-level metafile that can be used to describe multi-sensor experiments, while still maintaining the independence of each recording.
  • The design of a path to describe the capture hardware for a recording and the experimental setup for a multi-sensor data corpus.
  • Numerous other bug fixes and "small" but important details of the specification.

This work is continuing, and we anticipate the next major release of SigMF to include some of these new developments!

Location: Work is occurring in the SigMF Github repository, and will continue there: https://github.com/gnuradio/SigMF



Wideband Signal Processing via ML

The ML Working Group page covers the work completed at the event. A processing pipeline was designed and a series of captures were made from the antenna in SigMF format that should allow such a pipeline to be tested. The captured data is available at the IEEE datastore (link pending upload).


  • Kyle Logue, The Aerospace Corporation
  • Andres Vila Casado, The Aerospace Corporation
  • Donna Branchevsky, The Aerospace Corporation
  • Nathan Whitehair, The Aerospace Corporation
  • Gerry Zhang, Breakthrough Listen Team