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Pre-FOSDEM GNU Radio Hackfest 2020 at ESA/ESTEC

Date: January 28th - January 30th Location: ESA/ESTEC, Keplerlaan 1, 2201 AZ Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Registration is open at https://tickets.gnuradio.org/hackfest2001/

Travel information

As the hackfest is planned from Tue to Thu, the Friday is left for some sightseeing (space museum, Leiden, Den Haag, Amsterdam)/travelling to Brussels for FOSDEM. Some information for planning travels & stay during the hackfest follows.

By plane

The closest international airport is Amsterdam Schiphol airport (AMS) 30 minutes train/car ride away from the venue. If a flight from/to Brussels is required a train ride from Brussels to Leiden adds 2-3 hours additional travel time.

By train

Closest train station is Leiden Centraal, from there a Bus departs directly to ESA/ESTEC.

By car

As registered visitor at ESA/ESTEC you can bring your car and park it on premise during the day.

Places to stay

Organization of dinner and/or drinks will happen in the nearby city Leiden due to a bigger variety of venues and interesting places. Therefore booking a stay in the nearby city of Leiden is recommended. There are a variety of hotels & hostels in Leiden and the possibility to use AirBnB as well. If local travel by train/bus is preferred vicinity to the train station is advised.

There are nearby (2-3km from ESTEC) hotels in Katwijk and Noordwijk as well.

Travel from Leiden to ESTEC

For traveling from and to the venue bus lines 30/230 (ESA ESTEC) from Platform F at Leiden Centraal can be used. It takes about 30 minutes (payment only possible by card, *no cash*). For the way back 30/230 are running from ESTEC to Leiden Centraal as well.


Ideally topics are worked on in breakout groups of 3 or 4.

  • FPGA Accelerators (FPGA people would be useful)
  • VRT & SigMF tools
  • OOT 3.8 porting support and adding to GNU Radio package feed
  • Add ptest support to volk and gnuradio recipes (https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Ptest)
  • GPU Accelerators
  • GUI/Visualization improvements - widgets, graphs, plots, etc.



Rooms: Df104 '10'/ESTEC@ESA, Df121 '22'/ESTEC@ESA, Ef303 '10'/ESTEC@ESA (12:00 - 17:00)

  • 09:00 Introduction & Workgroup formation
  • 16:30 Day 1 Wrap up presentations


OOT 3.8 packaging/CI
- Add supported version column to CGRAN
- Create script/tool to generate debian source packages for OOTs to then create binary packages on Debian & derivatives
Hardware blocks in-tree =


Rooms: Na213 '22'/ESTEC@ESA, Na315 '12'/ESTEC@ESA, Na115 '10'/ESTEC@ESA (09:00 - 13:00), Df006 '10'/ESTEC@ESA (15:00 - 17:00)

  • 09:00 Day 2 Init
  • 16:30 Day 2 Wrap up presentations


Rooms: Ba030 '22'/ESTEC@ESA, Cf106 '10'/ESTEC@ESA, Nc229 '12'/ESTEC@ESA

  • 09:00 Day 3 Init
  • 16:00 Final presentations & Wrap up

Dwingeloo Visit

If there is sufficient interest, CAMRAS will be glad to host a tour of the Dwingeloo radio telescope on Friday the 31st. Let's aim for a tour from 12:00 till 14:00, so there is sufficient time to continue to Brussels.

Depending on the number of participants, we can take public transport, or arrange transportation to and from Meppel or Hoogeveen. There's a direct train from Leiden to Meppel that takes only 1:45 to get there, and it's a 25 minute car ride from Meppel to Dwingeloo.

Participants (preliminary)

This participant list of for preliminary planning and does not guarantee participation. Registration is open at https://tickets.gnuradio.org/hackfest2001/

  1. Andrej Rode (noc0lour) (full event)
  2. Philip Balister (Crofton)
  3. Nathan West (nwest)
  4. Bastian Bloessl (bastibl)
  5. Josh M (mormj)
  6. Derek Kozel (dkozel)
  7. Nicolas Cuervo (primercuervo)
  8. Paul Boven (Peanut)