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(virtual) GNU Radio Hackfest 2021

Date: 14-15 May 2021

Times (UTC): 1600-2000 each day, running later if there's interest!

Location/how to join: https://twitch.tv/gnuradio and https://chat.gnuradio.org


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Day 1

1600 UTC: New Flowgraph User Experience Design Sprint

Bernard Tyers and Derek Kozel:

Creating a new flowgraph in GNU Radio Companion seems simple, but the blacklisted "default" flowgraph ID that prevents generating and running a flowgraph right away is just plain frustrating and unnecessary. Bernard and Derek will be talking about what the issue is and figuring out how to solve it to provide a better user experience.

1700 UTC: Going through the GNU Radio issue tracker

Martin Braun and hopefully others

We'll take a look at open issues on the GNU Radio github issue tracker.

1800 UTC: Working on Theming Support for GRC

Marcus Müller:

I've started working on some simple Pythonic way to make it easier for UX designers to play around with the way things look. Might as well continue working on that while people watch!

1900 UTC: Upstreaming New Blocks

Derek Kozel:

The Basis Change block which converts circular polarized signals to linear and linear to circular would be useful to have included in the default GNU Radio installation. Derek and Matt wrote the code for the block almost two years ago, but it's sat in a neglected repository since then! Time to clean it up, update it to the latest GNU Radio, and submit a PR.


Day 2

==== 1900 UTC: Fix your first GNU Radio bug!

We will coach you through getting your GNU Radio programming environment set up, and coach you towards your first pull request.


Derek Kozel @dkozel:gnuradio.org