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(virtual) GNU Radio Hackfest 2021

Date: 24 October 2021

Times (UTC): 1400-1800, extended if there's interest. (10am-2pm EST)

Location/how to join: https://twitch.tv/gnuradio and https://chat.gnuradio.org


  • Testing and Improving Tutorials
  • Creating CUDA Accelerated GR Block
  • Work through a batch of GitHub Issues


1400 UTC (10am EDT): Testing Tutorials

Derek Kozel

1500 UTC (11am EDT) Packaging an out-of-tree module in Conda

Ryan Volz

1600 UTC (12am EDT) Exploring templates in MediaWiki for doc formatting/versioning

Marc Lichtman

1700 UTC (1pm EDT): GR Cuda Blocks

Josh Morman