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This page concerns the hardware issues for a transceiver. The software design is explained by existing documentation about receiver and transmitter flow graphs.

Half or full duplex

It is necessary to decide whether you want half-duplex or full-duplex

Full-duplex is more complicated, especially if using a single antenna on the same band for transmit and receive.

Transmitter activation (PTT switches, etc)

See the TransmitterActivation page for advice about PTT microphone switches, foot-switches, etc

Connecting power amplifier and antenna

Based on these comments

  1. use an RX/TX path switch (only for half-duplex)
    • USRP example: control it using the USRP device's GPIO pins
  2. use a circulator (more expensive solution, suitable for full-duplex though)

Amplifier vendors:

  • Kuhne make some interesting power amplifiers that can take the low power signal from an SDR (typically 100mW or less) up to the desired level.