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Coding and debugging[edit]

Of course, the majority of work comes from the people who contribute code. If you want to help here, you can contribute your own code, or help us debug the existing code, take care of bit-rot etc.

Your Own Code[edit]

Anything you write using GNU Radio might be of interest! If you've written software, libs or even tutorials, tell us about it on the mailing list, publish the code on the web (e.g. on github) and link it on CGRAN .

GNU Radio Core Code[edit]

  • Definitely read the contributor guide
  • Browse through the GitHub issues and PRs within the main git repo
  • Write QA code and provide example flowgraphs where they are missing


Without documentation, the GNU Radio toolkit would be very difficult to learn and use. There are many areas where the documentation can be completed and expanded.

Block docs[edit]

In GNU Radio, a block is a functional item which processes data. Currently there are more than 480 blocks. The Block Docs index has a page for each block, describing it's function and use. Many of the block pages have incomplete information, needing example flowgraphs, links to the source code, and other items.


There are many good Tutorials for beginner level through advanced developers. However, new releases of the GNU Radio code may impact details in the existing tutorials. So the tutorials need review and updating as new software is released. Additional tutorials are also helpful.

How to get started[edit]

  • Although anyone can edit the Wiki, if you are going to do much work on it, you should get a Wiki account. At the top right of any of the wiki pages (including this one), click on "Request account" and fill in the fields. It may take a day or two for a moderator to approve you.
  • Learn to use MediaWiki (the markup language for the wiki).
  • Choose a block which needs work and update it!