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There is an IRC channel on the network where people talk about GNU Radio called <code>#gnuradio</code>.
#REDIRECT [[Chat]]
= Matrix Chat Server =
We have our own Matrix server for chat, to join using the web app use []
If you are using an app that asks for the Matrix homeserver URL, use:
To join the main channel directly, use or search for rooms (eg, in Riot), using as a server name.
In the foreseeable future, the IRC #gnuradio channel has a two way connection to the Matrix #gnuradio channel if you prefer using that user interface.
We have many other channels on Matrix, including channels for [[HamRadio|GNU Radio-related Amateur Radio]] discussion, GNU Radio in Education, GNU Radio development, … . They are ''not'' bridged to IRC.
= Basic Etiquette in #gnuradio =
If you have never used IRC before, going here can be quite daunting and even intimidating. Veteran IRC users might seem unfriendly at times, but this is usually because of etiquette and customs typical to IRC channels.
Generally, '''if you've not used IRC before, it's likely you'll want to just directly use [ Matrix]''' (again, we've made sure the same channel can be seen from both Matrix and IRC).
Some basic guidelines when going to #gnuradio for help:
* '''Just ask''' – New users often make the mistake of asking &quot;Is anyone in here?&quot;, which is typically ignored (because you already know there's someone there by viewing the list of people in the channel). Briefly explain your problem, and don't wait for permission to ask.
* '''Don't expect immediate answers, and hang around for a few hours at least'''. People live in different timezones, and don't always watch their chat window. It is considered impolite to ask a question, and then disconnect after a short while if there was no answer.
* The guidelines on [[ReportingErrors]] still apply, although the nature of IRC means you have to condense your questions, and the direct feedback means you can discuss this in dialog.
* It often happens that discussions go off on a tangent, and suddenly a lot of people participate in discussions that can range from philosophical, across absurd to highly technical. This is just how such chats works. Don't be afraid to participate. Of course, you might not be getting the answer you want because of those discussions, but there's a high chance that people will still have noticed you.
* Of course, any rude or inappropriate behaviour is met by a ban. We want this to be a friendly place.
* If in doubt about what is not in order, see our [[Code of Conduct]].

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