LDPC Encoder Definition (via Generator)

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A standard encoder class. This method is discussed in many textbooks; one is: Turbo Coding for Satellite and Wireless Communications by Soleymani, Gao, and Vilaipornsawai.

Given a generator matrix in systematic form, G = [I|P], where I is the identity matrix and P is the parity submatrix, the information word s is encoded into a codeword x via:

x = G'*s


For parallel execution of multiple instances of the block (more info is needed on this)
Dimension 1
For parallelism
Dimension 2
For parallelism
LDPC generator matrix
The ldpc_G_matrix object to use for encoding.

Example Flowgraph

This flowgraph can be found at [1]

Fecapi ldpc encoders fg.png

Source Files

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Block definition