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Mailing lists

It is strongly recommended that everyone using GNU Radio and/or the USRP subscribe to the discuss-gnuradio mailing list. It is the proper place to ask if you have any questions or problems. For specific questions that require a single answer and no discussion, Stack Overflow is also OK for asking questions (tag your question 'gnuradio').


Due to recent problems with bad actors on the mailing list, all new subscriptions are under moderation. Subscription requests will be handled as soon as possible and generally well within a day. Thanks for understanding.

Guidelines for posting

  • Please read Asking Questions and Reporting Errors before posting to discuss-gnuradio.
  • Follow the formatting guidelines on that page.
  • If you want to post on a mailing list, don't subscribe to the digest.

The lists

Please note that you must be subscribed to post to these lists. Postings from non-subscribed addresses are quietly dropped.
To subscribe, please answer the following question: Have you read the page about our mailing list etiquette (how to ask questions)?

| Name | Description | View archive | Subscribe |
| | This list is for discussion of GNU Radio development, porting to new platforms, ideas for the future, general GNU Radio usage or problems. New alpha and stable releases are announced here. | View | Mailman |
| | Automatically generated notifications of commits to the source code repository (read-only). | View | Mailman |

USRP users have their own mailing list, run by Ettus Research:
| | The USRP-users mailing list, for questions regarding the USRP but not specifically GNU Radio. | [[1]] Mailman |