Mount the device's file system on the development machine

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Mount the device's file system on the development machine

Assuming we've followed the machine-specific instructions for creating the rootfs and we can boot into the device, then after initial boot and configuration, we want to be able to SSH into the machine. Make sure that the SSHD daemon is available and running on the device. We then want to setup local mount point on the host to the devices / directory. If you don't like or can't use sshfs, there are other ways to handle this step (NFS, etc.). But you'll have to figure that out yourself.

Let's assume that we can address the device by a network name or IP address. Let's just call it "mydevice" and it has an ip address of We will use a mount point created in your home directory. To mount mydevice locally:

$ cd
$ mkdir mydevice
$ sshfs -o allow_root root@ mydevice

You should be able to ls mydevice and see the contents of mydevice's file system.