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Multiplies the input stream by a scalar or vector constant (element-wise if vector).

output = input * constant

See Fast_Multiply_Const for a more performant version of this block for scalar values only.

Added in 3.8 If the input is a not a vector, the "Fast" version is automatically invoked (done behind the scenes).


(R): Run-time adjustable

Constant (R)
Scalar or vector constant. If the input is a vector, this parameter must be a vector of the same size. To multiply all the input items by the same value, use Fast_Multiply_Const.

Example Flowgraph[edit]

This flowgraph uses three Multiply type blocks. The top Multiply Const Block and middle Multiply Block are driven by the GUI Chooser to act as a Transmit / Receive switch. The bottom Multiply Const Block is a Volume control, the 'constant' being the 'volume' parameter from the QT GUI Range block.

Note: The lower section is a working 2 meter NBFM receiver.

Selector demo.png

Source Files[edit]

C++ files
If single sample input
If vector input
Header files
If single sample input
If vector input
Public header files
If single sample input
If vector input
Block definition