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Beginning Tutorials[edit]

Please start here if you are new to GNU Radio. These tutorials show you how to install GNU Radio, build your first flowgraph, create your first custom block and how to use DSP blocks in flowgraphs.

Introducing GNU Radio[edit]

These introductory tutorials are intended for new users and walk you through installing GNU Radio and creating your first couple of flowgraphs using GNU Radio Companion.


Flowgraph Fundamentals[edit]

These tutorials describe flowgraph fundamentals such as variables, signal data types, and vectors and streams.


Creating and Modifying Python Blocks[edit]

These tutorials describe how to create and modify custom Python blocks, using message passing, PMT types and tags.


DSP Blocks[edit]

The following tutorials will describe how to build flowgraphs with basic DSP blocks. Template:NavigationDSPBlocks