Newbie Guide to GNU Radio

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This guide gives a brief overview of GNU Radio: the Wiki, example flowgraphs, the mailing list, and chat rooms.

Main page

The Main_Page is an excellent summary of the various aspects of GNU Radio.


The GNU Radio Academy presents a complete course from introductory concepts to intricate details of block programming.

Block docs

The Block Docs pages give descriptions, parameters, and example flowgraphs for the more than 400 GNU Radio blocks.

Repository example flowgraphs

The main repository for GNU Radio is Many of the various blocks have example flowgraphs there. For example, [1].

Discuss-gnuradio Digest

Discuss-gnuradio Digest is an excellent means of learning from others and to ask questions. See the guidelines and how to subscribe at MailingLists.

Matrix chat rooms

The primary medium for chat is Matrix. See Matrix Chat Server. It can be accessed with a web browser or a separate app such as Element (formerly Riot).