QT GUI Digital Number Control

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While it can be used for anything, this block replicates the frequency display found in many SDR receivers.
Added in 3.9


(R): Run-time adjustable

The variable name
The label of the display
Min Freq (Hz)
The minimum value which can be displayed
Max Freq (Hz)
The maximum value which can be displayed
Value (R)
The initial value to be displayed
Thousands Separator
pull down choices: comma, period, none
Message Property Name
The name paired with the message value
pull down choices
Font Color
pull down choices
Read Only
true or false

See GUI Hint for how to position the GUI within a window.

Example Flowgraph

This file can be found at [1]

Test dignum fg.png

Example Output

Test dignum out.png

Source Files

C++ files
Header files
Public header files
Block definition