QT GUI Frequency Sink

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A graphical sink to display multiple signals in frequency.

This is a QT-based graphical sink the takes set of a floating point streams and plots the PSD. Each signal is plotted with a different color, and the and functions can be used to change the lable and color for a given input number.

The sink supports plotting streaming float data or messages. The message port is named "in". The two modes cannot be used simultaneously, and should be set to 0 when using the message mode. GRC handles this issue by providing the "Float Message" type that removes the streaming port(s).


  • fftsize : size of the FFT to compute and display. If using the PDU message port to plot samples, the length of each PDU must be a multiple of the FFT size.
  • wintype : type of window to apply (see gr::fft::window::win_type)
  • Center Frequency : center frequency of signal (only used for x-axis labels)
  • Bandwidth : bandwidth of signal (used to set x-axis labels)
  • Name : title for the plot
  • GUI Hint: See GUI Hint

Example Flowgraph: