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A graphical sink to display multiple signals in frequency.

This is a QT-based graphical sink the takes set of a floating point streams and plots the PSD. Each signal is plotted with a different color, and the and functions can be used to change the lable and color for a given input number.

The sink supports plotting streaming float data or messages. The message port is named "in". The two modes cannot be used simultaneously, and should be set to 0 when using the message mode. GRC handles this issue by providing the "Float Message" type that removes the streaming port(s).


size of the FFT to compute and display. If using the PDU message port to plot samples, the length of each PDU must be a multiple of the FFT size.
type of window to apply (see gr::fft::window::win_type)
Center Frequency
center frequency of signal (only used for x-axis labels)
bandwidth of signal (used to set x-axis labels)
title for the plot
GUI Hint
See GUI Hint

Example Flowgraph