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This block creates a tabbed widget to organize other widgets. The ID of this block can be used as the tab_id in the GUI hints of other widgets.

The GUI hint can be used to position the widget within the application. The hint is of the form [tab_id@tab_index]: [row, col, row_span, col_span]. Both the tab specification and the grid position are optional.

See GUI Hint for more info


As of writing with GNURadio 3.8.0 on Windows it is tricky to find the correct tab_id to use in GRC. To get the correct tab_id do the following:

In the main windows of GNU Radio Companion (GRC) check the menu item "View->Generate Code preview" Insert a QT GUI Tab Widget from the right menu bar (Core->GUI Widgets->QT->QT GUI Tab Widget) Double click the QT GUI Tab Widget and go to the tab "Generated Code". The last line in the code view should read something like this:


This means, that our tab_id is "qtgui_tab_widget_0" (without the double-quotes).

Now you know the tab_id and you can use it to put some graph into that tab. For example, add a QT GUI Time Sink, and go to its 'GUI Hint' property. Enter "qtgui_tab_widget_0@0" and this will put the graph in the first tab.

If you try to use the tab widget somehwere and get an error like the following, this means your tab_id is wrong.

Generate Error: (TypeError("unsupported operand type(s) for %: 'NoneType' and 'str'",), u'<%\n win = ... ... sip.wrapinstance(self.${id}.pyqwidget(), Qt.QWidget)\n${gui_hint() % win}') >>> Failure