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Makes a complex rotator block. The phase increment (in radians) is how much phase will be added to the input every value.

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(R): Run-time adjustable

Param 1 (R)
Description of parameter, provide any tips or recommended values. Note that the name of the parameter above should match the param's label that shows up in grc (e.g. Sample Rate).
Param 2
blah blah blah

Example Flowgraph

In the example below a constant source, set to 0.5, is fed into the rotator, thus producing a sine wave. The phase increment is set to 0.01 radians and the sample rate is 100kHz, so that equates to 1000 radians every second, or 1000/(2pi) = 159 cycles per second. This corresponds to a period of about 6ms, as shown in the time sink.


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