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Stream muxing block to multiplex many streams into one with a specified format.

Muxes N streams together producing an output stream that contains N0 items from the first stream, N1 items from the second, etc. and repeats:

       [N0, N1, N2, ..., Nm, N0, N1, ...]


A vector (list/tuple) specifying the number of items from each stream the mux together. Warning: this requires that at least as many items per stream are available or the system will wait indefinitely for the items.
Num inputs
Number of input streams.

Example Flowgraph

This flowgraph shows the Stream Mux block muxing 2 input streams into an output stream with lengths = [3, 2].

The block will take 3 items from the first stream, 2 items from the second stream, and repeat. Notice that tags are preserved.


Stream mux demo exec.png

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