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Style Guide[edit]


The intention of the style guide is to provide a reference of what is installed in this Wiki and what people have found to be the best way to display content.

There are also some conventions that make it easier to maintain the Wiki going forward.


The maximum image upload size is 2Mb. In general, the wiki should be used to host fast loading, lower resolution versions of an image.

External links are enabled to, so any content hosted there can be linked directly.

These can be inserted by simply placing the URL in the page.

Files are inserted into the wiki page as below. You can restrict the size of the image to what suites your page, or if the image is sized appropriately, leave that portion blank.



The wiki is not the place to host large volumes of code. Full bodies of code should be made available through GitHub or some equivalent repository.

Syntax highlighting has been enabled on the wiki. As this makes code easier to read, it is suggested that any code blocks you use, make use of the syntax highlighting tags.

<syntaxhighlight lang="c++">
your code goes here


int foo::bar(int arg1, int arg2)
  if(arg1 == 0) {
  else {
  return 0;

For pseudo code and command line syntax, use the pre tags

Your code goes here 

Please read through the actual coding guide for other tips. [Coding_guide_impl]


Please use relative links when referencing other wiki pages. For example:




Feature Requests[edit]

If there is a feature you think we should have on the wiki, the best place to raise it is on the GitHub issues roll. [1]


Giving your page a category is simple and improves the usability of the site.

[[Category:Guided Tutorials]]