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NOTE: This page is not a support forum.

Future Edits: Hardware support

After inclusion of gr-soapy in an official release, as well as gr-iio: Needs to state something like

Does GNU Radio support my SDR hardware?

If you've got a

  • Ettus / National Instruments USRP: yes, through the included `gr-uhd` module (use the `USRP Sink` / `USRP Source`)
  • a IIO device like the ADALM Pluto SDR: yes, through the included `gr-iio` module (GNU Radio version 3.x.y.z upwards)
  • Any other device (e.g. RTL-SDR dongles): if there's a soapysdr plugin [Link to Soapysdr] for it, then it can be used through gr-soapy (GNU Radio version 3.a.b.c upwards)

Generally, gr-soapy is an abstraction that unifies access to many different SDRs. This means your flow graph might also work for others with different hardware, but especially for the more complex hardware (e.g. USRPs), this means you don't get access to all the functionality of your device.