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* VE7GSJ Solution (hardware & GNURadio Companion)
* VE7GSJ Solution (hardware & GNURadio Companion)
* Demo on 2m repeater
* Demo on 2m repeater
* GRC flowgraph: [[Media:Nb-fm-voice.grc]]
* Presentation slides:

Join Zoom Meeting:
Join Zoom Meeting:

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Notes about the video meetings

Saturday 17 October 2020, 20:00 UTC

After some technical difficulties with Big Blue Button, we moved to Zoom and succeeded in doing the planned agenda:

  • Presentation of gr-RTTY-basics package
  • Audio loopback demo
  • Live Over-the-Air demo

The time (20:00 UTC) proved to be too late for participants East of Greenwich, so an earlier one was scheduled for 7 November.

Saturday 7 November 16:00 UTC

The meeting followed the agenda above. There was a minor audio difficulty with the loopback, but I proceeded to present the Over-the-Air demo successfully.

View the presentation on

Saturday 12 December 2020 16:00 UTC

Subject: Transmit / Receive switching and station control
Presenter: Gavin Jacobs VE7GSJ

  • Requirements for TX/RX switching
  • VE7GSJ Solution (hardware & GNURadio Companion)
  • Demo on 2m repeater


Join Zoom Meeting:

Questions and Suggestions for future meetings


  • The Ham Radio chat room on Matrix is available for follow-up and continuing discussion.
    • server:
    • or via the Homeserver in a matrix app:
    • room:
  • Questions about meetings can be sent to ""

Suggested topics

  • Hardware to operate below 50 MHz.
  • Final Determination letter from the US State Department concerning the amateur radio satellite service.
  • FreeDV